Major urban centres of the world

There are more than 500 cities in the world with million + population. Link to a list of all those cities with their original and English names, Country, population and rank :- million+cities of the world For more information refer to

Regions of the World according to the United Nations

By T.seppelt (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons For detailed classification by the United Nations for statistical purposes visit this page.  Geographical region and composition 001 World 002 Africa a/        014 Eastern Africa        017 Middle Africa        015 Northern Africa        018 Southern Africa        011 Western Africa 019 Americas 419 Latin America and the Caribbean… Continue reading Regions of the World according to the United Nations

Most visited cities in Asia – July 2015

City Visitors Bangkok 16,420,000 Singapore 12,470,000 Dubai 11,950,000 Kuala Lumpur 10,810,000 Hong Kong 8,840,000 Seoul 8,630,000 City Visitors Taipei 6,290,000 Shanghai 6,090,000 Riyadh 5,590,000 Tokyo 5,380,000 Mumbai 4,910,000 Beijing 4,390,000 Source :-

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