Prof. Dr. Uttara Sahasrabuddhe

A lecture by Prof. Dr. Uttara tSahasrabuddhe is organised on 19-1-2017 in the College hall from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

She will talk on “Public Memory”

The talk will be in Marathi language followed by a brief Q & A session.

This lecture is being organised under the 160 lecture series by the University of Mumbai to commemorate the 160th year of glorious existence of the University.

She is a Professor in Department of Civics and Politics, University of Mumbai

Specialisation – International Relations

Completed her Ph. D. Thesis in 2001

Topic of research – “Soviet India Relations under Indira Gandhi”

M A in Political Science and International relations – 1985 – University of Mumbai, Department of Civics and Politics

BA – 1983 – Ruia College

Interviews in news papers like DNA

She Writes in “The Wire”

Uttara Sahasrabuddhe, Author at The Wire

Which describes itself as
“ different from family-owned, corporate-funded and controlled or advertising-driven newspapers, websites and TV channels”

Which defines “media as a joint venture in the public sphere between journalists, readers and a concerned citizenry”

“where decisions over what to cover and how, who to hire and where to send a correspondent or photographer, are taken by editors on the basis of professional judgment, without worrying about what a proprietor or politician, official or advertiser might think or want.”

Special lecture at Maharashtra Political Science and Public Administration Conference held in Nagpur – on


Following is some material which will serve as a good introduction to Prof. Sahasrabuddhe.

Author of a comprehensive Marathi text book





Interview on Rajya Sabha TV



Fundamental Duties – A presentation by S. P. Buwa

Prof. Shubharaj P. Buwa was invited to deliver a talk on ‘Fundamental Duties included in the Indian Constitution’ by Principal V. B. Rokade on Saturday, 26th November 2016 on the occasion of Constitution Day.  The talk was held in the second floor Conference room of Dr. T. K. Tope Arts and Commerce Night College, Parel.  Members of the teaching and non-teaching staff and about 35 students from all classes were present.

In his lecture Prof. Buwa discussed the political context of inclusion of fundamental duties in the Indian constitution besides discussing all the eleven duties included in the constitution.  He also explained the different types of constitutions found all over the world, the difference between constitutional law and ordinary law and meaning, necessity and procedure of amendment.

Prof. Sawant was given the responsibility to organise the lecture.  He also proposed the vote of thanks.

Presentation File – Constitution-Day-2016

Feminism – Simon de Beauvoir – a talk by Dr. Chaitra Redkar

Prof. Dr. Chaitra Redkar with TYBA Political Science students – Tuesday, 30th August 2016.



Lecturer :-                    Prof. Dr. Chaitra Redkar

Talk on: –                     Feminism – Simon De Beauvoir

Medium: –                    Marathi

For Class: –                  TYBA Political Science (a group of about 25 students)

Date:-                          Tuesday, 30th August, 2016

Time:-                          7:30 pm to 9:00 pm (One hour of talk and a brief question answer session)

About Dr. Redkar

Eighteen years of teaching experience – Since 2008 she is working as the Head of the Department (I/C) of Political Science at the Post Graduate section of SNDT University at Churchgate campus and before that she worked in the undergraduate section for ten years since 1998.

She is active in academic, social and political circles and an author of three books, wrote numerous articles in periodicals like Samaj Prabodhan Patrika, Watsaru, Andolan, Satyagrahi, and also translated few articles (English to Marathi)

She is a member of the following institutions in SNDT Women’s  University:-

  1. Board of Studies of Political Science
  2. Research Recognition Committee
  3. Academic Council
  4. Canadian Study Centre
  5. Coordinator and later member of Curriculum Development Team for India Studies Programme
  6. Committee for writing history of SNDT Women’s University

She was involved in the work of State Election Commission (Maharashtra)

A member of managing committee of social organisation – Men Against Violence and Abuse (MAVA)

Worked for the Sahitya Sanskriti Mandal on the Social History of Maharashtra project.

Also linked to Y. D. Phadke Advance Research and Madhav Sathe Documentation centre, Goregaon, Mumbai, Keshav Gore Trust, Goregaon , Mumbai and Maharashtra Foundation, USA.

She completed her BA from S. P. College, Pune and MA, M. Phil. and Ph. D.from Department of Politics and Public Administration, Savitribai Phule University of Pune,

At a Seminar in SNDT, Churchgate


Simone de Beauvoir’s interview

Visit to American Library

Mr. Rishi Kapoor, Political Officer, US Consulate, Mumbai

“As students of international relations you must always try to see beyond what the media tells you about international events.”
-Mr. Rishi Kapoor
Political Officer
US Consulate, Mumbai.

He was speaking at the Library Orientation Programme for TYBA Political Science students of Dr. T. K. Tope Arts and Commerce Night College at the American Library on 18th March 2016.

Sushma Karnik, Director of the American Library and Technical services librarian Simran Nagra organised the programme for us. In a detailed presentation Simran Nagra explained all the facilities available to the students in the library.


21 students participated in the programme.  All of them were offered complimentary membership of the library for one year which also includes access to online database.

3.1 million is the number of Indian Americans staying in USA according to the US census and that indicates the depth of Indo-US relations said Mr. Shubharaj P. Buwa, Associate Professor, Political Science while delivering  the vote of thanks.




Complete list of participating students:-
Dipesh Gorule,
Manish Parkar,
Pradeep Patankar,
Pritam Shinge,
Vikrant Arbone,
Rajesh Gawari,
Rajesh Ghadi,
Ankita Jadhav,
Rupesh Kadam,
Meenakshi Kalbate,
Maruti Khot,
Vijay Kijbile,
Nitin Kulaye,
Supriya Patil,
Mahesh Salunkhe,
Ashwini Sargar,
Vinay Sawant,
Govinda Swami,
Paragam Varishe,
Sumeet Gade,
Nitin Gaikwad


Total 21 students of TYBA (Political Science) participated.

“As students of international relations you must always try to see beyond what the media tells you about international…

Posted by Shubharaj Buwa on Friday, March 18, 2016

India-Russia relations – Dr. Sanjay Deshpande

Dr. Sanjay Deshpande
Dr. Sanjay Deshpande

Director, Centre for Central Eurasian Studies , University of Mumbai

Talk on: –                     India – Russia relations

Medium: –                    Marathi

For Class: –                  TYBA Political Science (a group of about 25 students)

Date:-                          Wednesday, 24th February, 2016

Time:-                          7:30 pm to 9:00 pm (One hour of talk and a brief question answer session)

Click here to download the audio file of the lecture.

(Recording by Vijay Kijbile)

About the Guest

Prof. Dr. Sanjay Deshpande is the Director of the Centre for Central Eurasian Studies, University of Mumbai.  The Centre offers 4 papers at M.A. level in combination with other social science disciplines such as Economics, Politics, History, Sociology, and Geography and Mass communications.

After the disintegration of the Soviet Union the emergence of the Commonwealth of Independent States has acquired major significance in the academic circles because of its regional importance, energy resources and ethnic volatility. All the developments in that region are of great interest to India. The Centre for Central Eurasian Studies therefore has shifted its earlier focus from being exclusively Soviet/Russia centric to the periphery, taking into consideration their significance in international scene. The research activities carried out in the Centre pay special attention to various issues involved in these areas: economic and political changes, demographic situation, ethnic conflict, gender issues, human rights aspects, security and terrorism. The academic activities in the Centre are basically oriented towards understanding the ongoing socio-economic political, cultural and ethnic problem. In the conference and seminars organized by the Center emphasis is laid also on Indo-Russian relations and Indo-Central Asian Relations. The scholars in the Centre are also paying attention to the issues like energy, security, geo-politics, ethnicity, nationality problems and geo-economics in Central Eurasia. These issues constitute the thrust area of the research, documentation and publication of the Centre for Central Eurasian Studies. The Centre promotes interdisciplinary research and teaching on social, economic, political, ethno-national and foreign policy problems of the countries of the post-Soviet space.

-From the official brochure of the centre.

Indo-Pak relations – The Kashmir Issue – Prof. Prashant Kelkar

Talk on: –                     Indo-Pak relations – The Kashmir issue

Medium: –                    Marathi

For Class: –                  TYBA Political Science

Date:-                          Thursday, 25th February, 2016

Time:-                          7:30 pm to 9:00 pm (One hour of talk and a brief question answer session)

Click to download the audio file of the lecture.

(Recording by Vijay Kijbile)

About the guest

prashant kelkar

Prof. Prashant Kelkar

Associate Professor, Political Science
CHM College, Ulhasnagar, dist. Thane


  • Visited USA under the faculty exchange programme of the College.
  • Currently pursuing his Ph. D. at the Department of Civics and Politics, University of Mumbai.  The Kashmir issue is his area of study.
  • Working as an active member of the Bombay University and College Teacher’s Union – BUCTU

Nationalism of Ravindranath Tagore – Dr. Swati Pitale

Talk on: – Nationalism of Ravindranath Tagore

Medium: – Marathi

For Class: – TYBA Political Science

Date:- Tuesday, 23rd February, 2016

Time:- 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm (One hour of talk and a brief question answer session)

About the lecturer

swati pitale

Dr. Swati Pitale

Associate Professor
Department of Political Science
Shailendra Education Society’s Arts, Commerce and Science College,
Shailendra Nagar, Dahisar(E)
Mumbai-400 068


M.A., APGDUM (Advanced Post Graduate Diploma in Urban Management, YASHDA, Pune), Ph. D.

  • Completed one orientation and three refresher courses with ‘A’ grade.
  • Completed a short term course in research methodology.
  • Recognized as Ph.D Guide in the subject of Politics by the University of Mumbai.
  • Recognized teacher for P.G. Course in Political Science of the University of Mumbai.
  • Completed Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan.
  • Completed Advanced Post Graduate Diploma in Urban studies from Yashada, Pune
  • Sanctioned UGC Minor Research Project
  • Member of Syllabus Committee of Board of Studies of Politics Paper V of T.Y.B.A. 2013-2014
  • Co-authored a text book for TYBA on “Political Thought”.
  • Organised an international seminar on Rise of New Russia in collaboration with the Department of Civics and Politics, University of Mumbai and the Centre for Central Eurasian studies, University of February 2016.

Source:- Shailendra College Website



Virendra Valsangkar

virendra rashtriya puraskar

Virendra Valsangkar

Director of the National Award Winning Film

“Vishnupant Damle : The Unsung Hero of Talkies”

(Click above link to see trailer on YouTube)


College Function Poster

“विष्णुपंत दामले – बोलपटांचा मूकनायक”

मी शाळेत होतो तेव्हाची म्हणजे १९८० ते १९८५ च्या दरम्यानची गोष्ट. पाचवी ते दहावी ची वर्षे. त्या वयात पिक्चरशी केवळ एक भावनिक नाते असते. पिक्चर मधील स्टंट, प्रेक्षणीय स्थळे, स्टोरी, नट नट्या इथपर्यंतच पिक्चरचे आकलन मर्यादित. अधिक लक्ष पॉपकॉर्न आणि वडे यांच्यावरच. पिक्चरचे समीक्षण, टीकात्मक परिक्षण वगैरे डोक्याच्या पलिकडच्या गोष्टी.

पण त्या वयातही माझ्या एका मित्राचा दृष्टीकोन वेगळा होता. त्याने एकदा श्याम बेनेगल यांचा चित्रपट पाहिला. त्याला त्या सिनेमाबद्दल त्याच्या कथानकाबद्दल, दिग्दर्शनाबद्दल त्याला काही प्रश्न पडले. त्याने बेनेगल यांचा पत्ता मिळवून त्यांना पत्र लिहीले. काही दिवसांनी बेनेगलांनी पत्रास सविस्तर उत्तर पाठवले. त्याच्या सर्व प्रश्नांना समाधानकारक उत्तरे मिळाली. त्या पत्रलेखक मित्राचे नाव विरेंद्र वळसंगकर. शाळेत असल्यापासून त्याला सिनेमाचे, दिग्दर्शनाचे प्रचंड आकर्षण. सिनेमा क्षेत्रात काम करणे हे त्याचे स्वप्न. खडतर परिश्रमांनंतर त्याने आपले उद्दीष्ट साध्य केले.

त्याला वाचनाचीही खूप आवड होती. वाचलेली गोष्ट जशीच्या तशी सांगता येणे हे त्याचे आणखीन एक वैशिष्ट्य. शाळेत मधल्या सुट्टीत तो गोष्टी सांगायचा. टारझन, पॅपिलॉन, जेम्स बाँड, शेरलॉक होम्स या सर्व कथा मी त्याच्याकडूनच ऐकल्या. बऱ्याच इंग्रजी चित्रपटांचा परिचय त्याच्याशी बोलतानाच झाला. पाश्चात्य पॉप संगीतामध्येही त्याला खूप रूची आहे. ब्रायन अॅडम्सचे “Please forgive me…” त्याच्याकडेच ऐकल्याचे आठवते

Virendra Valsangkar
Virendra Valsangkar

मी अभ्यासासाठी नेहमी त्याच्या घरी जायचो – विशेषतः परिक्षा जवळ आली की दोन तीन दिवस तरी माझा त्याच्याकडेच मुक्काम असायचा. त्यांच्या घरात एक वेगळेच वातावरण मी अनुभवले. एका खोलीत भींतीवर जगाचा नकाशा टांगलेला होता. नॅशनल जिओग्राफिक चे अंक पहायला मिळत. आज आपण गुगल मॅप्सचा वापर करून प्रवास करतो. कॉलेज मधे असताना छापील मॅपवर व्यवस्थित नियोजन करून भारताच्या संपूर्ण पश्चिम किनारपट्टीची मोटरसायकलवरून सफर विरेंद्र त्याचे काका आणि काही आते मामे भावंडे या सर्वांनी मिळून यशस्वी रीतीने पार पाडल्याचे मला आठवते. आजोबा कै.विष्णुपंत गुंडोपंत तथा गुरुराव वळसंगकर प्रतिथयश आणि नामवंत वकील. वडील एस. टी. मध्ये इंजिनियर, एक काका सीए – सतत काहीतरी अॅक्टीवीटी घरात चालू असायची. ब्रिटीश काळात बंदी घालण्यात आलेल्या सावारकरांच्या “१८५७ चे स्वातंत्र्य समर” या पुस्तकाची प्रत मी त्यांच्या घरीच पहिल्यांदा पाहिली.

शाळेनंतर आमचे मार्ग वेगळे झाले. तो सिव्हील इंजिनियर झाला. नोकरी लागली. पण मन त्यात रमत नव्हते. एक दिवशी बंडखोरी करून सर्व सोडून तो पुण्याला निघून गेला. तिथे सुमित्रा भावे यांच्या बरोबर काम करीत स्वतःची प्रगती करून घेतली. त्याने दिग्दर्शित केलेल्या विष्णुपंत दामले यांच्या वरील चित्रपटाला (डॉक्युड्रामा) नॅशनल फिल्म अॅवॉर्ड मिळाले. स्लोव्हाकिया येथे झालेल्या फिल्म फेस्टीवल मध्ये त्याच्या आणखी एका माहितीपटाला पारितोषिक मिळाले. त्याच्याबद्दलचे नेटवर उपलब्ध असलेले काही संदर्भ त्याची आणखी चांगली ओळख करून देतील :-

Some extracts from his personal website :-

Virendra Valsangkar : A graduated civil engineer trained himself in filmmaking by working
with director duo Sumitra Bhave and Sunil Sukthankar in early years.

Received National Award for ‘Vishnupant Damle : The Unsung Hero of Talkies’ as ‘best
biographical / historical reconstruction’ film in 2012.

As a director he directed

  1. a short fiction ‘Sometimes’,
  2. a suspense thriller TV program ‘Olakh’ for a Marathi channel and
  3. certain documentaries on various subjects, including
    1. ‘Forts of Maharashtra’,
    2. ‘Maharashtra:the place’, ‘The Unfolding White’,
    3. series of documentaries about the ‘Tribes of Maharashtra’ and
    4. few documentaries for educational and social institutions.

Also worked as an editor for

  1. the National award winning Marathi feature film ‘Devrai’(The sacred Grove) and
  2. ‘Ha Bharat Maza’( India is my country).

Received ‘International Jury Award’ for the documentary ‘The Unfolding White’ in Ekotop film festival, Slovakia


Personal Website

A page on Culture Unplugged

Facebook page

Indian Express Article Feb. 5, 2014

National Film Awards list

A shortfilm on Shirish Beri



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