Workshop about NAAC

A review of revised assessment framework of NAAC

Online workshop organised  on 27th & 28th April 2021 – 5:30 pm to 7 pm

Guidance by Principal Anjali Patwardhan Kulkarni, Principal,  N. B. Mehta (Valwada) Science College , Bordi.

PowerPoint Presentations

A review of the NAAC RAF From AQAR toPTV 27 April 21

A review of the NAAC RAF From AQAR toPTV 28 April 21

Vice Chairperson of the Gokhale Education Society Principal Dr. Mrs. S. V. Sant chaired the meeting.

Principal V. B. Rokade of Dr. T. K. Tope Arts & Commerce Night College, Parel Mumbai was present.

About 60 teachers from 4 colleges of Gokhale education society were present on the first day.

Video Recordings

First day

Second day

Audio recording

First & Second day.

Recorded chat during sessions:-

First day – 27th April 2021

01:23:27 Shubharaj Buwa: Visit our website to access the recording of this lecture later.

01:38:54 Rupal Sheth: thank you madam

01:41:22 Dr. Kalpana Nandanwar: very informative session. Thank you so much Mam

01:41:27 exam 2021-patil sir: THANK YOU MADAM

01:41:51 DR. S. B. KARANDE: Informative Session

01:42:16 Dr. Kalpana Nandanwar: Thank you organizing committee

01:42:21 Sudesh Kadam: Thank you Mam, Very useful information

01:42:29 Dr Shriniwas V Joshi: very nice and studious presentation mam

01:42:41 Dr. Sushila Yadav: Thank You ma’am

01:43:20 Prof. Sachin Pawar: Thank you madam

01:43:21 DR. S. B. KARANDE: thank very much Madam

01:43:49 DR. S. B. KARANDE: thank you very much Madam

01:43:55 Snehal Bhadgaonkar: Thank you maam , Very nice presentation maam

01:43:57 exam 2021-patil sir: THANK YOU SIR

01:44:25 SSJarkoli: Thank you ma’am


Second day – 28th April 2021

00:07:19 Prof. Sachin Pawar: Good evening all

00:07:29 Prof.Ramkrishna D.Shikhare: Good Evening one and all

00:10:21 Mini Rajan: good evening ma’am

00:36:26 Snehal Bhadgaonkar: Hello Maam , as like the admission in Biotechnology without math by taking bridge course, can we apply the same in admission of B.Sc(IT) for commerce student.

01:34:36 Mini Rajan: Ma’am regarding Institution distinctiveness, there cannot be too many distinctive aspects. so how do we write about it every year?

01:37:03 Dr. Nilima Mirajkar: ma’am is it necessary to have a permanent principal and full time permanent IQAC coordinator for assessment . Is it mandatory.

01:39:40 Snehal Bhadgaonkar: maam is it necessary to have a university approved Professor or Full time teachers will be acceptable.

01:43:03 Snehal Bhadgaonkar: maam can you focus on Mentor \ Mentees working and documentation.

01:44:46 Mini Rajan: thank you ma’am

01:45:14 52. Raut Kunal (platinum): Good information, Effective lecture Thanks to organising committee and speakers.

01:46:44 Dr. Kalpana Nandanwar: Informative session. Thank u so much Mam.

01:50:51 Amol P. salve: very informative lecture Thank u mam.

01:50:57 Snehal Bhadgaonkar: Thank you so much maam, very informative session and thanks to organisers too.

01:52:19 Mini Rajan: ma’am well explained sessions covering all aspects in depth. thank you ma’am

01:53:39 Dr. Prakash Sawant: Thank you very much madam, Very informative both days session

01:54:25 Dr. N B Gosavi: Thank you madam. Very nice. Very informative both days session.

02:04:56 Machhindra Jadhav: very informative sessions both days.Thank you ma’am.

02:07:10 Dr. Arvind Raut: well explained sessions covering all aspects in depth. thank you very much ma’am?

02:07:30 Avani Sandeep Bodke: Thank you very much madam for your guidance . I remembered the days of your teaching in HPT college 2002 to 2004.

02:07:45 Dr.Anjali Kulkarni , Bordi College Cluster 40: Thanks a lot

02:07:59 Kalpana G: Thank you madam , microlevel keys information

02:08:05 Prashant Kale: Thank you very much madam Very informative both days session

02:09:39 Dr. Nilima Mirajkar: Pls share PPT and recording of two sessions if possible. Very informative and useful webinar.

02:10:12 Shubharaj Buwa: Already shared in this chat

02:12:13 Dr. N B Gosavi: Congratulations to all Organizing members.

02:13:51 Shubharaj Buwa: Visit our site for more details visit our site.