IQAC annual report 2021-22

Gokhale Education Society’s  Dr. TK TOPE ARTS & COMMERCE NIGHT SENIOR COLLEGE Parel, Mumbai – 400 012                        Permanently affiliated to University of Mumbai from 2004-05 (Reaccredited by NAAC with B-Grade and ISO 9001-2015 Certified)                    Website:, Phones:  022 – 24138617, 24137609   Email:, Annual Report for The year 2021-22  We faced the … Read more

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Criterion 7 AQAR 2021-22

7.1.1 – Measures initiated by the Institution for the promotion of gender equity during the year  Gender equity is a significant parameter of national progress which measures an attitude, involvement, and socio-cultural formation of the society. The institute has always taken measurable steps to have gender sensitization on the campus and in the classroom. All … Read more

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College infrastructure

Sr. no. Infrastructure Quantity 1 Classrooms 12 2 Benches 360 3 Blackboards 12 4 Greenboards 6 5 Tables 12 6 Chairs 12 7 Projectors 2 8 Computers 20 9 Gents toilet 3 10 Ladies toilet 2 11 Canteen (Gokhale Education Society) 1 12 Gym (Gokhale Education Society) 1 13 Library 1 14 Halls and conference … Read more

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IQAC April 2022 meeting

Final meeting of academic year 2021-22 was conducted in the Principal’s office on 25th April 2022. Meeting notice Members present (11) Minutes of the 22nd December 2021 meeting finalised. Academic plan for next academic year 2022-23 discussed. There was discussion about new ERP software from MasterSoft to be installed. It is a comprehensive software and … Read more

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IQAC Dec. 2021 online meeting

First IQAC meeting under the guidance of new Principal Dr. Ashwini Torane. Meeting was conducted at the Principal’s office at 5:00 pm on Monday 22nd Dec.  2021. Members present (11) Minutes of the 27th Sep. 2021 meeting finalised. There was partial lockdown. Teachers were asked to attend college thrice a week. Students were still not … Read more

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IQAC Sept. 2021 online meeting

Meeting was held at 5:00 pm on Monday 27th Sep. 2021 Meeting notice Members present (12) Minutes of the meeting were read and finalised It is possible that regular offline classes will start from next month. There was discussion about first term end examinations to be conducted for 1, 3 & 5th semesters online. Nothing … Read more

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IQAC July 2021 meeting

This year the academic term started on Monday, 14th June 2021. Online IQAC meeting was held online at 5:00 pm on Wednesday 7th July 2021. Meeting notice Members present (12) Action Taken Report  31 August 2021 Ref. no. IQAC/2021-22/Minutes/Aug2021 V. B. Rokade Principal  232 total views

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