Political Science

FYBA SYBA TYBA Semester 1, 3, 5 – Odd semesters – First term – June to October – maximum 90 teaching days per semester – 15 weeks – 315 lectures Semester 2, 4, 6 – Even semesters – Second term – November to March – maximum 90 teaching days – 15 weeks – 315 lectures … Read more

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Making of the Indian Constitution

India before the EIC India before the arrival of the East India Company in 1600 had a rich and diverse history. India before the East India Company was a mosaic of kingdoms, cultures, religions, and languages. Its rich heritage, economic prosperity, and cultural plurality made it an attractive destination for traders and invaders alike. The … Read more

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17 Lok Sabha elections in India – 1951 to 2019

Summary of the 17 Lok Sabha elections in a tabular format: Lok Sabha Year Winner Seats Won Second Party Seats Won Vote Share (Winner) Vote Share (Second) 1st 1951-52 INC (Nehru) 364 CPI 16 44.99% 3.29% 2nd 1957 INC (Nehru) 371 CPI 27 47.78% 8.92% 3rd 1962 INC (Nehru) 361 CPI 29 44.72% 9.94% 4th … Read more

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The Hyperlink Challenge: How to Read Online Without Losing Your Way

How to approach hyperlinks while reading online, and how to avoid getting sidetracked: It’s a matter of being mindful about what you’re reading and why. If you approach hyperlinks with a critical eye and resist the urge to click on everything that looks interesting, you’ll be better able to stay focused on your primary reading … Read more

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Blended Vocabulary: The Intriguing World of Portmanteaus

Portmanteau definition A portmanteau is a linguistic blend or combination of two (or sometimes more) words, where portions of the words are joined together to form a new, single word. The resulting word typically has a meaning derived from the original words and is used to describe something that shares characteristics of both concepts. The … Read more

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Vanishing Details: The Mystery of Missing Dates and Authors in Online Publications

The lack of dates and author information on internet articles can be attributed to several factors: In scholarly or professional contexts, this lack of information can be problematic. It can make it harder to verify the reliability and currency of the information, which is why it’s often recommended to rely on well-established sources, especially for … Read more

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Ludwig Feuerbach

Ludwig Feuerbach: Theses on Feuerbach: Feuerbach’s work played a vital role in the transition from Hegelian idealism to the materialism of Marx and Engels. Although his own ideas have somewhat fallen out of focus, his influence on subsequent generations of thinkers, especially in the realm of philosophy, theology, and social theory, remains significant.  138 total views

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