Coral Polyps

Coral polyps are fascinating creatures, and their ability to secrete calcium carbonate is what gives rise to the magnificent coral reefs we find in oceans around the world. Let’s break it down: 1. Coral Polyps: Definition and Structure 2. Living in Colonies: 3. Secretion of Calcium Carbonate: 4. Sensitivity to Environmental Changes: Coral polyps are … Read more

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Atolls, Lagoons, Coral reefs, Islets etc.

1. Atoll: 2. Coral Reef: 3. Islets: 4. Lagoon: The Interconnection: An atoll is essentially a complex integration of these elements: These features are often found in tropical and subtropical regions, where the conditions are favourable for coral growth. The formation of an atoll illustrates the intricate interplay between geological processes, such as volcanic activity … Read more

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