The Hyperlink Challenge: How to Read Online Without Losing Your Way

How to approach hyperlinks while reading online, and how to avoid getting sidetracked: It’s a matter of being mindful about what you’re reading and why. If you approach hyperlinks with a critical eye and resist the urge to click on everything that looks interesting, you’ll be better able to stay focused on your primary reading … Read more

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Blended Vocabulary: The Intriguing World of Portmanteaus

Portmanteau definition A portmanteau is a linguistic blend or combination of two (or sometimes more) words, where portions of the words are joined together to form a new, single word. The resulting word typically has a meaning derived from the original words and is used to describe something that shares characteristics of both concepts. The … Read more

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Why Love Stories Endure: A Global Phenomenon in Art and Entertainment

Why do love stories continue to achieve worldwide popularity in various forms of media such as movies, serials, dramas, novels, and poems, despite the repeated use of this theme over many years? It’s interesting to think about why love stories seem to be an enduring theme in various forms of art and entertainment. I’ll offer … Read more

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