Third India – Africa Forum Summit (AIFS III)

From – 26/10/2015 To 29/10/2015

At New Delhi

Senior officials level meeting – Jointly organised by the African Union and Government of India.

India Africa Forum Summit Oct. 2015 Logo

Insightful, imaginative logo – Maps of India and Africa and a Lion – King of the Jungle found in both regions – on the background of a diamond

(See a video about making of the logo)

Click here to see the detailed list of all African Union countries.

Shaping a more equitable world order is considered a major challenge before India and Africa.  Emphasis on shared history.

From our struggle against colonialism and apartheid, we have emerged to jointly accept the challenges of a globalizing world. Even as we combat with common threats – the threat from international terrorism; the scourge of poverty, disease, illiteracy and hunger; the challenge of climate change – and collectively promote the socio-economic advancement of all our people, we believe that India and Africa traverse the same path, share the same values and cherish the same dreams.

A special website was created for the summit.

The third edition of the four day IAFS summit which will take place during 26th-29th October 2015 enables consultations at the highest political level between the heads of government of 54 nations across Africa and the Indian government to give a new thrust to our age-old partnership. It provides an opportunity to not only reflect on the past, but to define the road ahead in tune with the times we live in.

The First Africa-India Forum Summit was held in 2008 in New Delhi, India, while the Second Africa-India Forum Summit took place in 2011 at the headquarters of the African Union in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  Watch videos about first two summits on YouTube.

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