English Language Resources on the net

First of all read about  The Common European Framework of Reference designed to objectively test the level of your language skills.

The British Council in India offers many courses in English

Go through this test to find out your English level

Besides the tests the site contains many interesting videos such as this and this

Other tools

  1. Download a free dictionary for your PC or Android phone
  2. Learn English using Hindi as your primary language at Duolingo site
  3. Unlimited Idioms and Phrases
  4. Subscribe to A Word A Day and get a word daily into your email box.
  5. Check synonyms and antonyms at Thesauraus.com
  6. Check your vocabulary and donate rice to the needy by playing this quiz created by the United Nations World Food Programme
  7. Use and contribute to this service by Google – Google translate
  8. If you use Chrome browser for net surfing then Google dictionary extension comes in handy – a perfect choice.  You can see meaning and synonyms of a term/word instantly by clicking the word.  Pronunciation is also available.    Just click the above link and add the extension to your Chrome browser.
  9. Simply add the term “definition”  to any word and search for it you will get a detailed meaning and translation of the word – another Google service.
  10. Build your own vocabulary in a spreadsheet/document or use apps available on your mobile.  Apps provide extra functionalities such as flash cards for testing your vocabulary.

You will find many more things on the net helping you master English.

Make it a habit to read some good English periodicals.  Many are available in the College library.