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SEARCH - Society for Education, Action, Research and Community Health

सर्च, अभय आणि राणी बंग यांच्या नेतृत्वाखाली उभी राहिलेली संघटना.

In search of health care for the rural and tribal people

" I shall give you a talisman. When faced with a dilemma as to what your next step should be,
remember the most wretched and vulnerable human being you ever saw. The step you contemplate should help him !" Mahatma Gandhi

Guided by the words of Mahatma Gandhi, SEARCH began its journey in 1986 in SEARCH of enabling the disadvantaged communities to achieve "Arogya- Swaraj"

Background : SEARCH (Society for Education, Action and Research in Community Health) is a non-government organisation registered as a public trust and charitable society in India. (Reg. No: MH 35-85-GAD, F-224-GAD). It was founded in 1985 by a doctor couple, Abhay Bang and Rani Bang.

Inspired by the life and philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi, trained respectively as a physician and a gynecologist, and after studying at the Johns Hopkins University USA, for their Master of Public Health, Drs. Bang returned to India. Their dream was to develop an institution of community health which provided health care to the local population, and generated knowledge for the global community by way of research.

गडचिरोली पासून 17 कि.मी. अंतरावर गडचिरोली धानोरा मार्गावर संस्थेचे मुख्यालय आहे. मुंबईपासून 1092 कि. मी. नागपूरपासून 182 कि.मी. आणि चंद्रपूरपासून 85 कि. मी. - नागपूर विमानतळ हा सर्वात जवळचा विमानतळ तर चंद्रपूर हे सर्वात जवळचे रेल्वे स्टेशन.

आरोग्य स्वराज्य प्रत्यक्षात आणणे हे त्यांचे मोठे स्वप्न आहे. आरोग्य स्वराज्य म्हणजे लोकांना आणि समुदायांना त्यांच्या आरोग्याची जबाबदारी त्यांच्या हाती घ्यायला शिकवणे आणि त्याद्वारे रोगापासून आणि कोणावर तरी अवलंबून राहण्यापासून मुक्ती मिळवणे.


A speech by Abhay Bang

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